How We Started

Founded in 2004, VK IT Consultants, LLC (VKITC) offers a range of outsourcing services designed to meet the needs of our diverse client base. VKITC provides IT Consulting, Web Development, Software, Hardware, and Disaster Recovery services tailored and priced to meet the unique business requirements of each individual client. VKITC has the expertise necessary to function as a productive addition to an existing IT department or as a sole provider of all IT services and support. Clients find that they can reduce costs, reduce time delivery and increase end-user and customer satisfaction by engaging VKITC as an outsourcing partner. From its development and support facilities in Southern California, the VKITC team is dedicated to our clients’ success. VKITC can customize a customer care plan that will provide the service level desired at a managed cost designed to alleviate the burden of full-time IT employee staffing. VKITC is committed to improving your profitability by increasing the efficiency of your technology. Through collaboration, communication, and our attention to detail, we deliver on this objective. We are driven to meet your organization’s needs and expectations.