Offsite Data Protection

Online Backup Services
VKITC Online Backup Suite is a comprehensive data protection system. VKITC offers an easy-to-use and reliable backup solution to ensure that important business and personal data is protected and is readily available when needed.
Offsite Remote Location
VKITC Offsite Remote Location:

Offsite Backup, as the name suggests, means backup at a remote location. VKITC provides you with a reliable, secure facility for offsite data backup. If the daily transactions of your company are dependent on a network server(s), you should have an effective offsite backup solution. All your needs can be met at, which provides a convenient and cost-effective offsite backup service.
OS Platforms/Applications/Databases
Operating System:

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003, Linux Kernel 2.2 or above (e.g. Redhat Linux 6.x or above), Solaris 2.x or above, Mac OS X, Netware 5.1 or above, and all other platforms supporting Java2 Runtime 1.3.1 or above.

Specialized backup agents for popular applications:

VKITC backup software has specialized backup agents for a range of applications, namely, MS Exchange Mail Level agent, MS Exchange Server agent, MS SQL Server agent, Oracle Database agent, MySQL Database agent and Lotus Domino/Notes Server agent.
Easy to Use
Easy to use, simple to maintain:
On the client-side, functions are cleanly laid out and buttons are self-explanatory. Backup, restore and configuration can be done typically within a few clicks. The Auto Upgrade feature upgrades the client software seamlessly.
User familiar explorer-liked interfaces
Wizard guided backup setting
No training required
Scheduled backup allows server(s)/workstation(s) to be backup automatically
“Backup and Shutdown” feature allows users to backup their desktops / notebooks easily without staying behind
All these translate to low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Secure, Faster, and Reliable Backups
Secure data storage, multiple levels of protection:
Data is encrypted and compressed before being uploaded and stored on the Backup Server. VKITC comes with a flexible backup scheduler. You can easily implement the desired backup policies. Moreover, VKITC can backup open files, e.g. Microsoft Outlook mailboxes can still be backed up while they are working with their emails. Furthermore, backup of larger files can be completed in much shorter timeframe with VKITC's In-File Delta option, which minimizes data transfer by uploading only the modified data blocks.
Access Backups Anytime, Anywhere
Simple, smart restore from anywhere at anytime:
VKITC's web interface allows you to restore your backup files from anywhere at anytime. Moreover, VKITC provides flexible 7 days retention policy by default which allows you to restore snapshots of your data sets as of a particular point in time to recover a past version of a file due to whatever reasons.
Comprehensive Email Reporting:
Email reports are generated for each backup job.
Reports contain a full listing of all files backed up.
Highlight errors in backup (if encountered).
Alert if scheduled backup is missed.